5 Inspiring #BossLady Foodies share how they’ve turned their culinary passion into profit  + check out their quick & easy recipes for what to make when you only have 45 minutes to prepare dinner!

1. A touch of GLAM to gourmet: Charmaine Ramalope

32-year-old Charmaine Mampe Ramalope aka ‘GlamFoodie’ is South Africa’s first Glam-forward food blogger, recipe developer, event architect and businesswoman.

“I was raised in Vosloorus by my single mom and grandmother. Many people don’t know that I studied Fine Arts and Information Technology. I discovered my love for all things, gourmet, only a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back since.

BL: What sparked this interest in food?

Our country has by far one of the most diverse cuisines, so I started GlamFoodie in 2015 with the aim of showcasing Mzansi’s food & wine culture and celebrating local food heroes. I am constantly on the lookout for new food trends and am passionate about discovering new and interesting places to eat.

BL: What’s the most exciting project you’re currently involved in?

CR: Without a doubt, my GlamFoodie WINE&DINE events. These are food and wine pairing dinners where I collaborate with talented chefs and bespoke wine estates to create upscale fine dining events. Food and wine are my passion, so it brings me great joy to be able to share that with fellow enthusiasts.

*Never happy resting on her laurels, #BossLady learns that Charmaine recently won the NutriDay Breakfast Party foodie competition by a whopping 20 000 votes!

BL: Which #BossLady are you crushing on, why?

CR: Basetsana Kumalo. From the time she became Miss SA, she has remained consistent and hard working. She’s a successful businesswoman and mother. And she makes juggling all of that look easy.

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2. A whirlwind of flavours: Vanessa Dossi

Vanessa Dossi

BL: Tell us a bit about yourself?

VD: I was born in Lilongwe, Malawi and lived there until I was 8 years old. My family then moved to Botswana until I was 18. I then made my way to South Africa to study at Rhodes University, but only moved to Johannesburg in 2014 once I had completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree.

BL: When did you fall in love with food?

VD: When I lived in Malawi, I may have been 6 or 7, my mother was a single parent and we didn’t have much. The kids (mostly girls) in the neighbourhood usually came together and we would cook in cans on open fires with ingredients we’d get from our homes (we call it ‘Masanje’). We’d have our mothers taste our food. I swear whatever I cooked was probably not even edible, LOL but my mother always ate with so much joy. It was as if I had made a Michelin-star-worthy meal. That joy on her face is the reason why I cook today. The joy of seeing people enjoy food and the comfort it brings them. My love for teaching people how to cook good, budget-friendly food stems from this too.

BL: What’s the most exciting project you’re currently involved in?

VD: I’m really in love with the cooking classes I host on a monthly basis (‘Cooking with V’) It’s been really hard setting this business up but when I interact with people and see how much joy they derive from food and cooking, it makes it worth it. I am also currently one of the faces of Whirlpool South Africa. It’s such an honour to be part of this amazing brand. Seeing myself on TV is something I could get used to.

BL: What do you want the most: in 1 year, in 5 years, magically right now?

“Magically, right now? I’d love for a car to fall on my lap. It would really make running around for this business so much easier”.

In a year, I’d like to see my business fully registered. My dream is to have a headquarters that also serves as a test kitchen for recipes and is open to the public for occasional food experiences.

BL: Which #BossLady are you crushing on?

VD: Lebohang Mpuang. She is the founder of Blackcurrant Food Concepts and an ex-contestant on Top Chef South Africa. We met on the set of Face of Whirlpool where she’s also an ambassador. She is living the dream. Her hard work, tenacity and beautiful energy make me want to see her business flourish.

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3. In good spirits with Tshepang Molisana

Celebrated wine writer, Tshepang Molisana is originally from Katlehong, but currently lives in both Johannesburg and the Mother City. This #BossLady has just been appointed as the new Editor of pan-continental airline, fasjet’s inflight magazine called Places and has paired our foodie recipes with some suitably scintillating wines…

Tshepang Molisana

BL: What sparked your interest in wine?

TM: My parents ran a bottle store in Vosloorus, when we were younger. We would carry the crates for 7 days a week, and that’s how we got exposed to the industry. When I moved to Cape Town to study, I worked as a freelance travel writer for a luxury travel magazine called Ultimate-Africa. Luxury travel is predominantly wine-focused in the Western Cape, so I had the opportunity to use my wine knowledge to do some wine-writing. In 2013, Cathryn Henderson, the editor of Classic Wine Magazine suggested I start a wine blog. I am internet-shy so it took me a while to get into blogging, but I loved writing and have many people encouraging me. I had the opportunity to write for several luxury titles, including Val de Vie Magazine and the Slow Lounge, over that period.

“In wine, every season is a lesson, as in life”.

In 2016 I wrote for Woolworths Taste Magazine and wine.co.za – which ultimately changed my life. The South African Young Wine Show honoured me with the Veritas Young Wine Writer of the Year Award, and I’m still reeling from my heartfelt gratitude.

BL: What do you want the most right now?

 I would like to have established a strong, inclusive pan-African media brand and magazine and an established career in this challenging industry. And, to create more opportunities for young writers to see their work published in titles that have gravitas”.

BL: Which #BossLady are you crushing on, why?

“There’s a woman who has been making amagwinya (vetkoek) near my childhood home, every morning for as long as I can remember. I admire her tenacity and work ethic”.

Her business has grown substantially over the years. Many children have been sent to school and homes have been extended – and she continues to soldier on. I also admire women like Jane Raphaelly, Khanyi Dhlomo, Wendy Luhabe, Vanessa Gounden, Olive Hamilton-Russell, my mother and grandmother, and my current editor, Ingrid Jones for their remarkable courage, wit and grit.

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4. Divinely Decadent Tastes: Khanya Nkosi

28-year-old Khanya Nkosi from Ntuzuma in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal often has us drooling over our screens as she posts her scrumptious-looking meals on social media platforms. We find out what sparked this passion for food and what plans she’s cooking for her brand, ‘Divinely Kay’…

Khanya Nkosi

“The crazy thing is that I actually never liked cooking at all. My Mom taught me how to cook at a young age but I’d always felt like I’d been forced into it. I took up Home Economics as one of my subjects in high school and that’s where I found my spark”.

BL: What’s the most exciting project you’re currently involved in?

KN: Turning my brand ‘Divinely Kay’ from an idea scribbled in my journal four years ago to a fully-fledged brand. The constant learning, building and growing is exactly what makes my food journey so exciting.

BL: What do you want the most: in 1 year and in 5 years?

KN: My focus in the next year is on building my career. I’ve completed my Honours degree in Marketing and currently work in a marketing department where I’m involved in events. I’d love to study further, with a particular focus on digital marketing. I am all about finding out what you are good at, and mastering it.

BL: Which #BossLady are you crushing on, why?

KN: I have plenty – myself included, but definitely Nomzamo Mbatha. All day, every day! She is a beautiful human being with an authentic soul.  To be able to witness her grow from strength to strength in all aspects is truly inspiring. She is strong, ambitious, humble and kind. She is always present – unapologetically so.

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 5. Thuto Mphahlele takes the cake 

After studying Accounting for a year and 4 months at the University of Johannesburg, 27-year-old Thuto Mphahlele decided number-crunching was just not for her. A lazy afternoon spent watching a popular cake decorating show, made her sit up and take notice and today she’s enjoying a taste of the sweet life via her delectable cake creations…

“I grew up in Lebowakgomo, a township in Limpopo. As the last of 5 children, I spent most of my years in boarding school. One afternoon while watching TV with my sister, the show ‘Cake Boss’ came on and I jokingly told her that I could do what the cake decorators on TV were doing. She then challenged me to make her daughter’s birthday cake and I rose to the occasion”

BL: Who’s your woman crush and why?

TM: My older sister Dr. Lerato Masemola. She is my biggest cheerleader and punts me like no other. I’m basically her unofficial first born as she always comes to my rescue. I’d also love to own a bakery in about 5 years, and she inspires me to be great. She goes beyond the call of duty to help others and works so hard to provide everything her kids need.

“If I can be half the woman she is, I would be over joyed”.

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