When it comes to beauty tips, we all have that one product we keep reaching for day after day. Having discovered the wonders of lemon juice for brightening the blemishes left by breakouts, in my teens, I’ve been a convert ever since!

Did you know that Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Kim Kimble also dabbles in DIY by mixing a concoction of natural oils and vitamin E for Queen Bey? Not only that, Mrs. Carter is reported to use sulphate-free shampoos, which are gentler on our hair.

Fully armed with the 411 on just how Queen Bey ‘likes her baby heir with baby hair and afro’, I chatted to a few #BossLadies in our network to find out what surprising DIY beauty hacks they swear by. #BossLadies, take note!

Luscious long huuur

When it comes to hair growth, we’ll definitely have what legal eagle Pearl Makhunga is having! Take a look at her enviable natural mane and you’ll see why!

“I’m lucky enough to come from a family that has amazing genes. From ageing gracefully to long, thick and healthy natural hair. It’s definitely not easy to maintain, but I love my hair. I use Black Silk relaxer and only allow two hairstylists to touch my crown”.

Pearl Makhunga’s super healthy natural hair

‘An oldie but a goodie’

Owner of trendy Durban-based beauty house, Fancy Claws, Thobeka Jele is every inch the beauty queen. (Can ya’ll say #AfricanButter!) So we were positively gobsmacked to find that she uses the quintessential grandma fave, Cuticura! “It works as a great primer before I apply my make-up and I use some to moisturize my body in summer too”. Who knew?!


“I had always suffered from terrible skin, so with my first paycheck, I followed on the good skincare example set by my Mom and bought the Clinique 3-step programme. I’ve never looked back. My best advice is to laugh often; (laugh-lines beat frown-lines any day!), exfoliate regularly and have at least one glass of wine a week”, says young wine prodigy Tshepang Molisana

The fountain of youth

23-year-old founder of 100% organic sanitary ware brand, Zizipho Ntobongwana admits she’s no beauty saint; “I’m the worst person to ask because I do just about everything you’re not supposed to… like sleeping with my make-up on *hides*. That said, my no.1 tip is: GUZZLE WATER! Your skin, hair and vagina will thank you!

Spilling the tea 

With benefits ranging from improved brain function to accelerated fat burning, it’s no wonder green tea stays in vogue. Founder of Connie, Transform, a South African based, premium matte lipstick brand, Connie B says that she religiously rubs green tea on her face as it balances the skin’s PH levels, assisting with oily, dry and sunburned skin.

‘Coconut Oil – put that on errrrthang!’

Mbali Manyoni

And, Insights Analyst Mbalenhle Manyoni means literally EVERYTHING! From smearing coconut oil on those sensitive itchy and bump-prone areas after a shave, to hair and skin, this sassy young lady and a few billion others believe they’ve found the 8th wonder of the world!

Sharing is indeed caring, and we hope these tips are just the thing to set you on course for beauty slayage!  

#BossLady Opinion: What beauty/ DIY hacks DO you live by? Share them with our #BossLady network below


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