Fikile Makhoba, young black female optometrist


We sat down with young Optometrist #BossLady (and eye candy of note!) Dr. Fikile Makhoba to find out what she has her sights set on this year!

BL: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Optometry?

FM: I am a 33-year-old, Spruitview-born, independent Optometrist practicing in the Johannesburg CBD. Having worn glasses for most of my life, I’ve always been somewhat interested in the profession. I was also egged on by my Mom who is a Life Orientation teacher.  She assessed my personality and gave me plenty of advice on the career most suited to my outgoing nature.

BL: Your greatest achievement to date?

FM: In 2015 I was part of the first group of Optometrists who passed the ocular therapeutics exam. This is aimed at increasing the scope of practice of optometrists in South Africa. 

I have also recently been certified to diagnose and treat dyslexia in adults. This broadens my scope of practice and increases the services I can provide to my patients.

I’ve just applied to complete a Master’s degree in Optometry which will see me split my time between my clinical practice and studies.


Which #BossLady are you crushing on and why?

Bonang Matheba! She is never apologetic about being her.

Remember a successful woman is one who builds a strong foundation with the bricks thrown at her.

I couldn’t leave out my mother. Not only did she help me raise the money to start my practice, she’s my inspiration and the reason I continue to use my success to uplift those around me. My friends and mentors Haseena Majid and Khalo Moloi continuously encourage me to study further and grow my practice.

BL: A scripture/ motto/ mantra/ ideal you live by?

FM: I draw strength from my spirituality. I’m a dedicated member of my church. My favorite scripture comes from Ezekiel 12:28

BL: Complete the sentence: My top money tip is:

FM: Having worked for 8 years before starting my own practice 2 years ago, I’ve learned that every rand counts. Running my own practice has been a real eyeopener! So many startup costs and many other medical-aid related challenges to deal with. At the end of the day, I’m all about serving my patients with integrity and being the best Optometrist I can be.

Visit Fikile Makhoba at Shop no.002 Howard House, 23 Loveday Street, Johannesburg or call: 011 492 1853 to book your appointment.


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