So many BossLadies who’ve already signed up for the Boost to Best have shared their motivation for getting on board. This includes being overlooked for promotions, being bullied, having their voices shut down at work or experiencing lack of recognition from peers and management. We put these challenges to SCRS NetEducate Group CEO, Dr. Dave Augustyn – (whose Women and Leadership course is included in the Boost to Best), to explore the role of women in the workforce, how you can make your voice heard and give yourself a competitive edge…

In many cases it seems that women still need to work harder to be acknowledged in the workplace. In response to this, we’re seeing many more women who understand that skilled people are able to contribute much more. They see that continuous education, improvement of skills and knowledge is incredibly important to advance their career options and remain relevant in the job market.

One such woman is a student Lindy who says; “I was desperate for a career change, because I just did not seem to be getting anywhere with my skill set. I then took action and completed 5 online courses from in my spare time in one month. With my ‘new & improved’ CV, I received two great job offers the following month. I am now happily growing fast in my new job which offers great prospects. I have promised myself to continue learning more skills to help me grow and advance in my career”.

“This is one of the reasons why we’re truly proud to be able to give back and impact even more women by being part of the BoostToBest Project with #BossLady”, says Dave.

Who is is the e-learning arm of the SCRS NetEducate Group that offers a wide range of professional and personal development courses as online learning.We believe that continuous education and training is possibly the most important element for anyone wanting to boost and/or change her career prospects.Our 4 key differentiators are: 

Quality: we work with a group of subject experts and developers internationally to ensure that our students get the best quality of learning. Our learning is mostly text-based which makes it easier and faster to navigate between topics and sessions, compared to video. 

Expertise: The Group boasts more than 20 years of expertise in the field of education, training and online learning 

Pricing: Our online course prices are hugely competitively, aiming to make education accessible to people, in order to improve their career prospects. An educated and empowered workforce benefits individuals, their organisations, their communities and the national economy. 

Range and choice: We offer more than 170 online courses, with new courses being added each week. We’ve also recently partnered with a number of businesses to expand our range of educational offerings.

BL: Are your courses accredited?

SMN: Our courses fall within the category; ‘Professional and Personal Development’. So, students who complete any of our business courses successfully are issued with a certificate of achievement. One of our partner companies, an accredited training provider, also offers our courses in contact mode – as opposed to online.


BL: That’s great news for BossLadies. How does the Women & Leadership course boost a BossLady’s resume/CV?

SMN: Apart from the certificate issued, which can be added to a CV, the course provides clear direction on overcoming some of the real challenges women face in the workplace. Simply put, BossLadies will:

  1. Recognise barriers to women’s leadership and how to handle them
  2. Learn how to use barriers to create benefits
  3. Develop a basic vision and brand for their leadership
  4. Examine steps and skills to good decision-making

BossLadies, isn’t it reassuring to know that you can reclaim your voice and power at work by taking matters into your own hands. And expanding or refining your skills. The new knowledge gained will empower you with additional and alternative career options. This will help you to move up at work, or finally leave that job that’s weighing you down! Sign up for the Women & Leadership course as part of the Boost to Best, all 11 online courses and positive mindset tools for only R395, today!

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