There are essential oils with heavenly scents and then there are oils that work so damn hard, that they don’t have time for pretty smells. Like tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil is one of the hard working, ok smelling essential oils. You probably won’t blend a perfume with Eucalyptus oil. But you will find yourself using it again and again throughout your home, especially in winter.

Eucalyptus Oil has a woody, camphor scent, which most people find refreshing and uplifting and has long been used as a healing plant. You can use it to clean the air around you, as well as the air passages within you!

Print this infographic for a quick reference:

Eucalyptus oil is a powerful bacterial fumigating agent, so it cleans and deodorizes the atmosphere when used in a vaporizer or in a bowl of hot water. In the same way, it will help to clear a stuffy nose or sinuses.

A few drops in some massage oil does wonders for muscular pains and stiffness.

Eucalyptus oil has powerful bacterial and antiseptic properties. So you can use it to clear many parasitic conditions like ringworm, lice, shingles etc.Pop a few drops in your bath water to help clear up urinary tract infection. Eucalyptus oil can irritate your skin so always dilute in a carrier oil.

Not only is this wintry best friend good for our hair and our health, it makes a wonderful ally for your household cleaners. Dr. Axe even recommends that you use it to clean stubborn spots and stains! Plus, here’s an awesome infographic about Aromatherapy Facts, Benefits and the uses of Essential Oils.

Be sure to pick up a bottle of this powerhouse oil next time you’re at the shops. Just remember to dilute, dilute and dilute!


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