Cows, caskets, tents & temptations – HOW TO bury the pitfalls of pricey funerals

You’re on the couch… whisked off into fantasy land via your favourite soapie, series or omnibus, when BAM! – the unfortunate funeral policy advert jolts you back into reality with its ‘in the unfortunate event of death’ rhetoric …

Like the ad, death is often just as unexpected. And the truth is, no one sits to write down a point-by-point plan for a funeral (unless you’re morbidly OCD!)

Whether it be luxury German sedans, buses, marquees, catering or tombstones, it does add up. Here’s how to scrimp on a funeral whilst keeping the dignity of the send-off firmly intact.

  1. Loved ones will appreciate an upfront discussion about how they’d like to be sent off. This may be awkward at first, but it’ll get you/ them the service you want. is a great, free resource for drafting your own Will & Testament.
  2. Consider whether family members would prefer their service to be handled by their congregation. This can mean the difference between paying thousands of rands for an official hall venue versus an intimate service and celebration of the deceased’s life at home.


Downsize your catering costs by chopping off the ‘seven-colours’ menu for scones, ‘queen cakes’ and sandwiches.

Consider a simple cremation ceremony in place of a traditional burial. Most funeral homes offer burial and cremation packages in varying degrees. Speak to a consultant about an option best suited to your pocket.

Financial Adviser Kgothatso Motshele adds; “Funeral and burial societies have helped in relieving the financial burden that comes with death in the family. You can select one that works for you from one of the Financial Service Providers, or look for one in your community. For young people who have just started working, this could be a great and inexpensive way to contribute. There are some really affordable options where all you need is the new member’s ID document, so don’t wait too long to sign your relatives up as most of these policies have cut off ages.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. If you’d like a free consultation on how to start a holistic financial plan, contact (quote #BossLady in your subject line) or follow @Kgothatso_fa on Twitter. 


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