It’s no secret that distance or online learning can be a difficult and lonely journey to embark on. You need to be confident, have loads of self-discipline and extra-large doses of determination. The IQ Academy is renowned for offering a tremendous amount of support to its students and Ella Ndevu, Communications Specialist, shares how they are able to do this…

One of our core values is student support. In fact, it is such an integral part of who we are as an institution that we are on a constant drive to innovate and improve our support services. We have highly skilled and dedicated tutors, who through the use of a student portal, are able to communicate with and assist students with any academic or administrative information. We also give our students the option to phone in and speak to lecturers telephonically. In keeping with our slogan, we ‘go the distance’ and ensure that we take care of the finer details. Our aim is for the experience to be as pleasant and fulfilling as possible given the challenges related to it.

BL: That sounds awesome, Ella. What’s the benefit of studying via connected distance learning for our BossLadies?

IQA: An organisation as well as an employee’s skillset and resource base needs to be kept up to date with the latest developments within any industry. Customer needs and expectations must be met and exceeded. Upgrading your skills via short courses gives you, the individual that added advantage over your colleague or other interview candidates. It sets you apart and allows you to stand out and excel.

Short courses present the opportunity to challenge yourself, to empower yourself and to go the extra mile in terms of what you want to offer an employer. This makes you a greater asset. The more skilled an organisation’s employees, the more an organisation is able to achieve.


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BL: Tell us a bit about the IQ Academy?

IQA: IQ Academy is a private higher education institution. It is registered with the Department of Higher Education. The institution was established 10 years ago. We are a proud *alma mater to more than 18,000 *alumni and we currently have 25,000 active students.

Our courses will empower, up-skill and develop any BossLady in any industry. And at rates that are affordable to most South Africans! This is because these courses are created and monitored by an academic quality management committee that’s reviewed by external industry and academic experts.


Have a look at what Busi, a former student, has to say about her experience and achievements;

An alma mater is the university, school, or college that someone has attended.

Alumni are the former pupils or students of a particular school, college, or university.

BossLadies, the IQ Academy really delivers on their promise to provide unwavering support to all their students. Provided they put in the work first. What a wonderful way to support students on an often daunting distance learning journey. If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business or even taking up courses to boost your CV, this is one great way to turn that dream into a tangible reality. And at an unbelievably low price. Enter to win the Ultra Boost today!


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