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We leave school, college and university filled with knowledge, enthusiasm and some trepidation for what lies ahead. And, we are keen to put our learnings to work and to make a real contribution in the workplace. Plus, of course, we are very eager to see our bank balances grow, and to get to know our work colleagues.

In truth, our enthusiasm can often be dampened when we realise that the work environment demands new skills from us. Workplace experiences that we are not yet equipped to handle and missing skills that can make a real difference to our success and growth in our careers. Plus these workplace skills can greatly improve our day to day levels of enjoyment and satisfaction at work.

These skills can include effective communication, with peers, line managers and your own staff; dealing effectively with workplace conflict; basic business writing skills; and how to present yourself professionally at work.

These are incredibly valuable skills that companies look for when employing. These skills directly affect productivity and efficiency within the work environment.

Knowing how these skills can give any woman a boost, #BossLady hand-picked the ‘Workplace Skills’ course from specialists in corporate training, Palomino Training Solutions, as a vital part of the #BossLady Boost to Best, to fill these gaps and make YOU stand out in the workplace.

So, whether you’re new to the workplace, a recently appointed supervisor, or managing a team of entry-level or call center staff read on! And remember, you can also treat a young niece or daughter to the #BossLady Boost to Best. You will be giving her a gift that makes a real difference.

Lack of communication is about the single biggest complaint we hear about when it comes to obstacles faced by women (and men) in the workplace. It’s an age old problem throughout the world”

Says Rachel Johnson of Palomino Training Solutions. “That’s why the ‘Workplace Skills’ course covers ‘communication in the workplace’. It helps students realise that powerful questioning and active listening are keys to success. It also teaches them how they can become better communicators and help others to better themselves at work – all key for cultivating a successful work environment.”


“One of our standout success stories is that of Nombasa, a former tea lady.  With our training and guidance, she is now a competent and confident receptionist at a leading telecommunications company”.

Realising the glaring gap that exists in workplace readiness training, Palomino Training Solutions recently joined forces with the Western Cape Education Department to deliver Workplace Readiness Training to school leavers throughout the region.

The response was overwhelmingly exciting. Watching students identify with and make meaningful connections with our learning material is priceless. and exactly what all our facilitators strive to achieve!

BL: Amazing! What sets Palomino Training Solutions apart from other specialists in corporate training?

Palomino Training Solutions was established in June 2006. This was with the view of improving customer service in frontline staff and creating workplace excellence in South Africa. Our team’s skill set includes expertise in leadership, administration, sales, conflict resolution, planning, and communication.

More than that, this team of strong, dedicated and successful women is passionate about empowering others to reach for their dreams, and to strive for a positive and uplifting reality.

Success is within everyone’s reach. It just takes hard work, sweat and sometimes tears.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


BL: Tell us about the most common challenges your training covers?

  • Receptionists lacking the professionalism that WOWS customers and often establishes the first brand impression for the company
  • Supervisors who are wasting endless time struggling to deal with issues that could be easily dealt using the right skill set
  • Call centre staff who lack the necessary skills to deal with customer queries
  • Conflict resolution and uncovering underlying issues
  • Employees struggling to keep up with a daily work routine
  • And so much more.

So BossLadies, do you find yourself feeling frustrated at work? Or are you in a work environment that is filled with tension and miscommunication? Have you answered ‘yes’ to any of these workplace challenges? 

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