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If you are wondering whether you can handle a side hustle, then this side hustle checklist is for you. For inspiration,  just google any of your #BossLady crushes and you’ll find a range of side hustles going down. DJ Zinhle has a gorgeous range of watches and accessories under the label ERA by Zinhle. She also owns Fuse Academy, her DJ School for young women. Bonang is the brand ambassador for Revlon, and more recently for Ipanema footwear. Internationally, it’s no different. Venus Williams owns 4 Jumba Juice franchises, V-Starr interior designers and her own clothes line, Eleven by Venus.

You probably know a few #BossLady friends who successfully run side hustles, and you’re thinking, I’m getting left behind, I need to get my own hustle on, and fast.

The #BossLadies are here to help. After going through this checklist you will immediately know if you’ve got #BossLadySideHustleness in your bones. And, you will be inspired to bring that dream to life.

No more small talk, let’s take the test, can you say yes to these?

1. Are you already a shining star in your day job (or at least pretty solid)?

Don’t even think about starting a side hustle if you’re struggling to deliver at work. You’ll be asking for some leeway every now and then when you side hustle calls. And your co-workers and your boss will need to know your value, before their generous side kicks in. Don’t risk losing the steady income before the side hustle is ready to deliver.

 2. Do you have at least 2 – 3 hours available every evening, plus weekends?

The reality is that everything takes longer than you think. So check that you have more time than you think you’ll need upfront. Otherwise you’ll fall short and burn out. Most South Africans spend more than 3 hours each day front of the TV, plus another 2 hours on social media. So the truth is, you probably do have the time, you just need to have the discipline to repurpose your free time.

 3. Do you have some disposable cash available?

Just like the time thief, you’ll find that you will need to fund some unexpected expenses that you haven’t budgeted upfront for. And you don’t want to be held up mid flow by budget restraints. Different side hustles will need different budgets, so add at least 20% onto your forecasted budget for any surprise costs.

4. Do you have a passion that you want to spend more time pursuing?

If you can say yes to this one, you are already halfway there. If, for example, yoga is your passion, by becoming a yoga teacher you will be earning some cash and spending time doing what you love. This passion will help you push through other areas that may not light your fire as easily, like marketing, or invoicing, or maintaining your website. You will also be more willing to give up special time with friends, if you’re building a passion project.

5. How is your headspace? Are you ready to commit?

An idea is one thing. Fantasizing about how you’re the next Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, is inspiring and invigorating, we know. Commitment kicks in when man and kids are all snug in bed, and you’re still crunching numbers. Or when you’ve tried for the ninth time to change the website font, and it’s still crashing your site. Or when the courier company has glitched and your subscription boxes are still sitting at the warehouse, and subscribers are freaking out. The people that care about you won’t want to see you stressed, and might say you’re crazy. They might encourage you to quit. You can’t be having any of that.

You need to say YES right now to having the mindset that will get you through the rough patches. All the way to living the dream.

Still inspired? Still fired up? Then we celebrate you #BossLady-with-a-side-hustle in the making. We’re here for you. We’re cheering you on.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll keep you on the vision train with loads of articles to keep you inspired and to guide you through the many how-to’s of the successful Side Hustle.

We’ll be holding your hand through the thrilling, and sometimes demanding, steps of starting and growing a successful side hustle.

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