If you know you want to make 2017 the year of the side hustle, but you just don’t know where to start, then read on.  This list is designed to get your creative juices flowing, and your inspiration up. Here’s to some side hustle inspiration.

Of course, over and above a great idea, you do need to take into account the amount of time that you have, the budget available to you, and your internet access before committing to a side hustle.

As you read, you may find that your skills and talents make up half of what’s needed and you already know that perfect #BossLady friend or friends, who together, will help you to bring the complete story to life.


1. Fitness Fanatic?

We all wish we had one of you as a best friend – someone to get us off Side Hustle Fitnessthe couch and into some trainers. If you don’t yet have a personal trainer certificate, then offer yourself out as a fitness companion. That special someone who makes sure that good intentions don’t fade, and that motivates us to keep to our fitness schedule every single day.

Other possibilities to best harness your energy – fitness blog, or better still, youtube fitness vlog, online fitness training courses, or you could even apply for a Run Walk for Life Franchise. http://www.runwalkforlife.co.za/franchise.asp


2. Queen of the Kitchen?

No one has time (or confidence) to cook for a dinner party, and that’s where you come in. Offer your services as a private cook for the evening. You’ll design the menu, shop and prepare the meal, she’ll take all the glory (for being so clever to have hired you!).

Other possibilities – again, tapping into time pressures – the premade meal market has grown significantly. There is a need for pre-made school lunches and pre-made banting or other diet specific meals. You can host cooking classes for a specific niche, and have a cooking blog with how-to videos and recipes.


3. Natural Networker?

Don’t we all want to be you! Look for the gaps and link people up. Here are Side Hustle inspiration Natural networkersome suggestions, although you probably already have a couple of side hustles on the go. Do you know a bunch of people that need to learn how to cook / build a website / manage their finances / you name it? Then find a reputable trainer and a venue and make it happen.

Other possibilities – Become a reseller of jewelry, health supplements, Tupperware, whatever else aligns with your interests. Offer to bring in sales for friends at a fee. Look into affiliate marketing, where you earn commission for driving people to specific sites or stores.


4. Tech Savvy?

The world is moving in your direction, and more and more #BossLadies Side Hustle Inspiration Tech savvywant to know how to create a blog, how to build a website, how to promote a FaceBook page, how to install eCommerce functionality, how to, how to, how to! Create a ‘how-to’ Blog and then create and sell online how-to courses via Udemy and other MOOC platforms. Run How To courses on the weekend. Offer your services to build websites. No excuses to not get this side hustle off the ground!


5. Eye for Design?

Research shows that Home Décor is one of the most popular topics of interest for South African #BossLadies. Offer cost effective room or home makeovers. Do it for free for a friend or two, and take before and after pics to post on Instagram and on your blog. Showcase wonderful décor finds on your blog, and make sure beforehand that the store is happy to pay you an affiliate commission for sending customers their way.


6. Fashionista?

I’m sure your friends are always asking for your advice already, now it’s Side Hustle Inspiration Fashionistatime to monetise this service. Offer your clothing Make Over services via your Facebook page. Use some delightful before and after pics of friends to showcase your skills. Partner with a store that you love, to run regular Fashionista classes, each with a different theme. Offer a wardrobe consulting service – yes, that’s a real job, google it. And of course, as a fashionista you probably already have a blog and a popping Instagram account – now look to monetising through product endorsement.



7. A’s for essays?

Writing skills are in top demand, from web copy, press releases, company Side Hustle Inspiration Writing Skillsreports to magazine articles. Offer your services online via sites like www.freelancewriting.com and www.upwork.com. Get started on that book, sites like www.kdp.amazon.com make it easy to publish and sell online, and earning some dollars via Amazon can really help to pay the bills.


Inspired? We hope so! Share this article with a friend who could be your perfect partner for making more #blackgirlmagic.



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