I have long been a user of Affirmations and vision boards. I work with them to support my prayer life and manifest the things that I want to accomplish each year in my career and personal life. So I was really keen to chat to Shannon Walbran, who has written and recorded ‘101 Positive Affirmations for Success’ as part of our #BossLady Boost to Best. I asked Shannon to share how all BossLadies can use the power of Affirmations to create an all-around happier life for themselves.

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I have wonderful work, in a wonderful way. I give wonderful service for wonderful pay

Shannon Walbran was raised in a strongly Catholic household and attended Catholic schools all the way through to university. She reveals that very early on at school, one of the nuns gave her library books like: Lives of the Saints and other stories of heroines such as Amelia Earhart and Harriet Tubman which had a positive influence on her spiritual life…


Shannon was born in 1969 in the United States and grew up in Minneapolis. After graduating from the University of Dallas with a degree in English and foreign languages, she lived and worked in Slovakia, Bolivia and Brazil. 

Shannon is now based in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as in Minnesota in the US. Thanks to her careers in journalism, documentary filmmaking, and the non-profit sector, she has traveled to 48 countries around the world. Shannon started to receive specific messages from Spirit Guides in 2003. She now shares these messages with more than 25,000 people all over the world via individual readings, live events, radio, TV and her closed facebook group. Her book Guided! is a spiritual autobiography aimed at helping to connect people with their own Spirit Guides. Shannon’s mission is to help all people attain health, happiness, and enlightenment. 

She has done and continues to do a variety of free radio shows, on Metro FM, Power FM, Radio 2000, and more. Here, people who cannot afford a session can call in and have one important question answered.

BL: Why are Affirmations (written or recorded) so powerful for success?

SW: Our parents’ voices and the many voices we hear while growing up become our inner voices or the voices we hear in our heads continuously. Some of those messages were positive, and some were not. Affirmations give us a chance now, as adults, to choose which voices we hear every day: to motivate, inspire, and guide us towards our best future.

Whatever it appears to be, it’s always a win for me!


Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualise, and believe in, what you're affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes to your life and career. Affirmations can be said during meditation right before going to sleep or just after waking up. They can be said silently or out loud. You can even record them on your phone or write them out and stick them up on your mirror or desk.

BL: What’s the most effective way to get the best/ quickest results from using Affirmations – e.g. should we say them at night vs early in the morning?

SW: The recording I’ve made can be used before sleep if you find it calming (as I do). To say out loud, I choose one and repeat it to myself while I’m exercising or while I’m getting ready in the morning. I usually take a general one that applies to everything, such as, “Why am I so lucky? Why am I so blessed?”


BL: Great! There’s a set of Affirmations in the ‘101 Affirmations for Success’ that you’ve created for the #BossLady Boost to Best, which start with the word WHY. An example is; ‘Why am I abundant and prosperous?’. Is there any significance to starting them with ‘Why?’

SW: Some people say affirmations as positive statements, such as, “I am healthy” or “I am abundant and prosperous”…

However, when I say those kinds of affirmations, my mind always contradicts me and gives me backchat! My mind says, “Healthy? What?! You had chocolate for breakfast!”

When we start the affirmations with Why? we actually trigger our subconscious mind to seek out proof of the good we are doing.

If I ask, “Why am I abundant and prosperous?” my mind looks for examples: I’m saving in my retirement fund, I downgraded my phone contract, and I brought my lunch to work instead of going to the cafe. Good job! I applaud myself for the steps I’m taking, instead of criticising myself for the times I’ve messed up.


BL: Should we focus on just 1 affirmation at a time and continuously repeat that or should we say them all at once?

SW: I usually choose ten or so of the ones that strike me as most relevant to my life right now, then I write them out in my journal.

BL: What’s the most exciting project you’re currently involved in?

SW: I keep on expanding my global reach, which is so rewarding. I would love to keep meeting and working with people in other countries, particularly the US, since I was born there! Luckily, as a spiritual mentor who works by voice, I can be on the phone with someone in any part of the world!

BL: Finally, please share with our BossLadies; what is the most useful mindset/ attitude/ affirmation to use when creating a life they will love?

With God, all things are possible

To me, that means, “Dream big.” It’s also a reminder that our dreams need to be aligned with our values. Having wealth for wealth’s sake is not the point.

Providing well for our families, great.

Taking holidays, ok.

Working ethically and honestly? For sure.

Giving back? Yes, definitely!

Always remember, you are guided!


BossLadies, when you’re feeling powerless, Affirmations are a great way to shift your mind and emotions back to a more positive space. As Shannon says, let’s step into our ability to be guided to change what we can!

NNB! We are thrilled that our very first Facebook Live interview is with Shannon. She’ll be talking about the power of affirmations, and answering your affirmation questions in a 30-minute-long Facebook Live interview.

So be sure to log in to https://www.facebook.com/BYOBossLady this Thursday at 13:00 pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about Affirmations and their use. See you then!


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