In our fast-paced world, there is so much pressure to become successful. We put this pressure on ourselves, as much as society puts it on us. And striving for, and achieving, success, can be a wonderful experience. But sometimes, in the pursuit of success, it is easy to get bogged down, and to not quite know where to focus your efforts. We can end up chasing our tails and achieving even less in the end.

Stop, breathe, allow, oh, and definitely smile.

These 5 quotes will help you to streamline your efforts in a simple way. And even if you manage to only live one or two of them more fully, you will soon see positive results and more success in your life.

SUCCESS QUOTE #1: Does this serve me?

I’m going to use this magical, multi-serving quote as inspiration for you to declutter your life. Energetically, clutter can really hold you back. If you have a cluttered bedroom, a cluttered desk, a cluttered car or even a cluttered handbag, it’s time for some clearing. The clearer your space is, the clearer your thinking can be. And the lighter you will feel too. You will also be making space for new opportunities when you clear out old, stuck energy.

Put an hour or two aside on the weekend to clear a specific area of your space. Ask yourself, is this a thing of beauty for my home or life, or does it serve me in some way? Be quite determined to release (aka throw away) everything that you have not used in the last year, or even 6 months. Make a pile for charity, a pile for the rubbish bin, and a to-do-list pile that you commit to sorting out within the next week. Allow yourself only one or two mementos, if you really have to.

We have a wonderful practice amongst our friends called Girls Clothes Swap. We get together once every season and bring all the clothes, jewelry, creams and other girl-stuff that we haven’t used in the last 6 months. Everything goes into a massive pile. Once everyone has arrived we use the pile as our personal retail therapy store and find ourselves some new goodies. Whatever is left in the pile at the end of a very fun evening, we give to a charity. We all walk away with some fresh items, and our cupboards and energy are all the clearer for it!

SUCCESS QUOTE #2: My outer world reflects my inner world.

The world will turn around for you when you can take some ownership of the things that show up in your life. Hard one hey? Not really. What this concept helps you to do, is to see what you can change personally to create a different reflection in your world.

If you find that you are constantly in debt, stop blaming your boss for not giving you that increase. Rather, you could see what steps you can take to change either your job, or your spending patterns, or your work output.

If you find that the last three men in your life cheated on you, take a moment to see what patterns you may have that are creating this reflection. How is your self-worth barometer? Is there a part of you that feels unworthy of fidelity? Where are you cheating on yourself, or on others?

This concept is not a baton to beat yourself up with. But rather, it can be a real gift to see things from a new, empowering perspective, where you get to change your world, by changing yourself.

Read this very inspiring article about the Ho’opono’pono concept. This concept gives you a tool to create amazing shift in the world around you. Yes, you guessed it – by shifting yourself!

SUCCESS QUOTE #3: It is not happiness that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us happy.

Gratitude, noticing and giving thanks, is the doorway to all that is good in the Universe. Gratitude opens our heart and allows even more good in. A great way to build your gratitude muscle is to keep a Gratitude Journal. Every evening, you can write down 5 things that you are really grateful for that you experienced in your day. It could be gratitude that you had a nourishing meal, that you received a compliment from a work colleague, that your child helped you set the table, that you completed your work report in time, even that you are healthy enough to work!

A great extension of your gratitude journal is to Give Gratitude Generously. Good, Great, Glorious! This is how you will make others feel (and yourself) when you notice and then verbalise your appreciation of those around you. ‘Thank you, I really appreciate your support’.

SUCCESS QUOTE #4: Let go, and let God

Whether you are religious or not, this wonderful quote reminds us to stop chewing on issues that keep us stressed. As soon as you notice that you are overthinking something, it’s time to let it go. Hand it over. Stress -filled thinking gives you stress-filled solutions. When you realise that you are stuck in repeated, anxious thinking, hand it over. By handing a stressful situation over, you free yourself up to come up with creative, joy-filled solution that will flow easily, and create magical outcomes for you. It’s not always easy to hand your stress-thinking over at first. Your ego-brain will love wallowing in the fear, stress, anger and / or anxiety. It takes a little discipline to start with.

There is a wonderful technique by Brian Marc Zimberg called Stop. Smile. Breath. Be. Here’s how it works – and work it does! As soon as you notice that you are chewing on something, say to yourself ‘Stop’. Then put on a full blast Smile. Even if you have to fake it. Grin from ear to ear. And, while holding this massive grin, breathe in – one long, slow inhale through your nose. And Be – exhale slowly through your mouth, and gently release the smile. Repeat three times in a row. This present moment tool will give you a chance to shift gear from problem-chewing-mode, to present moment awareness. Here’s the link to his book if you want a little more detail. Use this little gift to see the light, and to hand the situation over to the greater power. Where. Magic. Happens.

And finally, SUCCESS QUOTE #5:
If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.

Halleluiah. This is a valuable quote to live by … once, and only once, you have done the work, using some of the quotes above. It does not mean that you should run away from your problems. But it does mean that when you catch yourself having a good old moan about the same issues that you were having a good old moan about yesterday, it’s time to reassess. If you are stuck in the negative habit of moaning, you need to check in with yourself to see what is really going on for you.

The more that you can take ownership of your situation and your attitude towards it, the more it will shift. Sometimes, we stay in a situation that is harming us, either emotionally, or sometimes even physically, because we feel that it is our only option. Nothing is ever our only option. Once you have honestly assessed, and if you then realise that the situation is really not going to change, and does not serve your joy and your highest good, it is time to move. You are not a tree.

Work at these quotes and you will see your life blossoming in the most glorious ways ~ #truth!

Do you have a go-to quote that keeps you opening up to success like a flower to the morning sun? Share with us!


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