Today women all over the African continent are finding new ways of solving challenges facing women. These amazing women know that whatever they have battled with in the past, they have the power to change now through creative innovation. For most, this is not their day job, nor is their goal always to make money. But, their outcome is always a better future for women. So BossLady! Foschini has been partnering with these creators, not only to tell their stories but to expand on their ideas and philosophy. The aim is to reach and inspire more women to be bold enough to take the gaps they see in their society and create their own version of a better future for women.

Just like the Foschini and #BossLady partnership on the Boost to Best campaign. Foschini Brand Manager, Naeema Cassimjee tells us why this partnership is set to help even more women…


“The Foschini brand has become a platform for real, confident and vibrant women. The ultimate goal is to create a large network of female creators who are driven by a common purpose of shaping the future. Foschini wants to give them the stage to ensure that the future is female.



Like Foschini, #BossLady has recognised the need to support women in South Africa by providing them with a platform to support their growth. At FOSCHINI, WE believe that the Boost to Best bundle that #BossLady has curated will offer the South African woman progression in all AREAS of her life. Partnering with #Bosslady on the Boost to Best initiative means giving accessibility to all women, which is a key driving factor for Foschini.

The #BossLady Boost to Best is a handpicked collection of 11 online courses and mindshift tools to get you to your next level of best. Worth more than R7, 000, they are yours for just R99 all inclusive, thanks to #BossLady and Foschini.

Plus, you stand in line to win a R4, 000 shopping spree from Foschini, just by entering here It could be YOU!


Since Women’s Month in 2017, Foschini has partnered with inspiring women who are creating and shaping a better future for all women and their communities. They embarked on a hunt for young and passionate South African women who were pursuing their side hustles or passion projects. This was broadcasted on Kaya FM’s ‘The B Side show with Bridget Masinga’. Foschini realised that women have been creating for many years, and often their creations having gone unrecognised. They wanted to honour these creations and called on all women to showcase their side hustle.

Letshego Zulu and The Foschini Group’s Head of Marketing, Pride Maunatlala


The aim was to create a network of like-minded, ambitious women who want to connect with each other. And to equip them with the tools and insights to turn their side hustle into their main gig.

Foschini All Woman Creators Event

Women who were ready to take this next bold step entered the #ShowUsYourHustle competition. Entrants stood to win a uniquely designed corporate identity to kick-start their passion project. They also received a place at the Foschini All Woman Creators event on the 25th of November 2017.


Attendees at the event

The event consisted of keynote speakers who are already shaping a brighter future. It was also aimed at providing women with the opportunity to network, share their journeys, inspire and be inspired.


“At the All Woman Creators event, it became clear that the biggest factor limiting women from progressing was that each woman felt that her battles were unique to her. They were also uncertain of how to overcome them and move forward. Open and honest conversations were held amongst women facing similar challenges. This sharing of stories broke many barriers, helping them to move to their next level of best.

2018 will see Foschini boost this initiative to its next great stage with #LikeABoss. Like #BossLady, the aim is to continue to empower and highlight the many women who selflessly inspire the sisterhood.

BossLadies, Foschini will soon reveal the corporate identities designed for the 5 #ShowUsYourHustle competition winners. Stay tuned to hear how they are each pursuing their side hustles, like a boss!


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