Gugu Mofokeng is a change agent who’s passionate about positively impacting women and giving them an opportunity to turn their lives, and the lives of those close to them, around. As a Mindset Coach / Personal Development Strategist, she hosts workshops and seminars that reveal hidden unconscious mental wealth blocks and basic principles to attracting wealth.

Here, she tells #BossLady about a woman who attended her seminar, built a state-of-the-art overnight babysitting business from scratch, debt-free and in under 2 years PLUS how her programme can help YOU develop this winning money-mindset…

“One of the subconscious limiting beliefs found in many people, especially women, is one that tells the belief holder they are not worthy of wealth. The danger in this is that on the conscious level, the individual says and even believes that they want wealth and may even do everything in their power to accumulate it. But on the unconscious level, they find themselves having done or doing the opposite.

My coaching program reveals basic money attraction principles and exposes the most common of the many sneaky limiting beliefs and other powerful mental blocks that work on the subconscious level. These limiting beliefs make sure that no matter how hard an individual tries to accumulate wealth, it becomes an impossible task or is all blown away soon afterwards”.

BL: How did you get into Wealth/ Personal Development Coaching?

GM: It was back in 2010. A series of unexpected events happened and left me emotionally shattered. During that period, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong, including in my finances and health. I was going through a lot of personal turmoil and knew I needed emotional healing.

I knew something had to change but I didn’t know what type of help I needed. At that time, I thought I needed help with anger management and went searching online along those lines. One evening, I came across a website that described exactly what I was going through. During my pre-coaching session, and after a lot of questions, so I signed up for coaching sessions.

It became clear that if I wanted meaningful and lasting change, I needed a complete overhaul. I needed a personal breakthrough program that would reveal my issues, delete them and then create new and empowering behaviours and beliefs that would give me the results I wanted.

Though this made sense on one level, it also came as a complete shock because I thought I was OK. I honestly believed the problem was with everything and everybody else, but not with me!

BL: Wow, I’m sure we can all recognise some of what you were going through. How did you get your breakthrough?

“I discovered a power I didn’t know I had. And learnt that I had the ability to create the life I wanted. I also realised how much of that power I had ignorantly allowed to lie dormant, and even given some of it away. Right away, I knew that there were many people who needed this and that I had to take this to them. I was already trained as a Christian counsellor and felt a strong compulsion to get the same coach training that turned my life around in such a short time so I could bring the gift of change to other people I knew needed this”.

When I began my training, I discovered the many disciplines of coaching and felt drawn to mindset coaching, especially these four disciplines: Goal Achievement, Wealth Mindset, Relationship Healing and Personal Healing.

BL: Powerful! What’s holding us as BossLadies back from attracting the things we desire into our lives?

GM: Our beliefs. Our lives rise and fall on the strength of our beliefs. All our behaviour and results are influenced by our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. If we have an unconscious belief that we don’t deserve wealth or that money is evil, our mind will subconsciously do everything in its power to frustrate all efforts to attract wealth and get for us what we believe.

These and other disempowering beliefs, were at some stage of our lives unconsciously entrenched. They become subconscious programs the mind uses to bring us life results.  This, our mind does not to hurt, but ‘help’ us manifest on the outside that which we believe to be true on the inside. This self-sabotage continues until the necessary belief work is done to change our unconscious money beliefs. This is why it’s crucial to first change our subconscious beliefs if we want to see any meaningful change in our lives

BL: What then is the most effective money mindset to cultivate?

GM: The unconscious belief and understanding that money is no respector of gender, race or background. Anyone, with the right mindset, can attract money. Money is energy and responds to anyone who, not only knows, but applies wealth attraction principles. This energy responds better when attracted rather than pursued.


My greatest learning was that I could be spiritual and still make money. My dilemma had been that I unknowingly had a subconscious belief that money and spirituality were mutually exclusive. I always believed that I had to sacrifice one to get the other. When I discovered and dealt with this subconscious lie, my life changed drastically. Actually, I was shocked by how quickly my transformation came.

BL: Please share at least 1 success story from your programme and how that woman has used it to boost her life?

Nomaweza Manyiwana is a lady who had aspirations to improve her life by starting a business whilst still fully employed. She didn’t know how to accomplish this, so she attended my very first wealth mindset 2-day event in September 2014. Little did she know that right there at the seminar, through the wealth attraction principles and the money mindset healing exercises I took the attendees through, her mind would present her with a brilliant business idea that had been blocked by her limiting beliefs.

In December 2015, just over a year after attending the seminar, she had built her state-of-the-art overnight babysitting business and a physical building from scratch. All this was achieved debt-free! Noma recently shared with me that she has again grown and diversified her business and is now also a proud owner of a Montessori School.


The way the workshop was conducted completely changed the way I viewed things. After the first day, my doubts and clutter were removed and I started to see myself differently. I have moved from doing the things I thought I had to do to being the person that I’ve always wanted to become. After attending the workshop, I managed to attract enough money which I used to start my company: Overnight Babysitters. Using the principles and tools I learnt at the workshop, I paid off all my debts within a year. I also built my business premises and bought my first car – all fully paid for. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve all of this had I not attended the workshop. The empowerment I received has completely transformed my life and that of my immediate family. Nomaweza Manyiwana

Now that’s what we call a testimony!


Gugu is a firm believer in giving back. Since 2014, she has given individuals from her church an opportunity to attend her seminars/workshops/ coaching for free. This also includes 4 individuals who attended her workshops through Kaya FM’s Mandela Day celebrations this year.

She has also sponsored women from a KZN group called Women of Virtue to attend her June Goal Achievement workshop. This is in addition to giving 10 start-up women entrepreneurs from all over Gauteng all-expenses paid tickets to attend her recent workshop held on the 2nd September 2017.

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