IQ Academy is a private higher education institution that’s renowned for offering a tremendous amount of support to its students. As part of our #BossLady Boost to Best drive in 2017, the institution gave away 1x Business course worth R10 300 to a very lucky BossLady. In this sponsored series, they share how you can benefit from distance learning, how to go about choosing the right college or course and achieving a healthy balance between work and life…

We are privileged to live in a country that offers us plenty of wonderful opportunities and is alive with possibility. And, if you maintain a positive attitude, you will be able to recognise these windows of opportunity, use them to your advantage to succeed and make yourself and loved ones proud.

One such opportunity is that of distance learning. It is an option that many often overlook but one that can make all the difference between making your dreams and goals come alive or having them remain unachieved.

Distance learning or part-time study are but 2 great options to consider.

  1. You could study a short course or a qualification that you can use to apply for credits for entrance to another course at a later stage OR
  2. You could enrol to study towards a Higher Certificate, a Diploma or a Degree.

This will require plenty of support, hard work, sacrifice, perseverance and dedication.


  • Distance Learning allows you to create your own timetable. This will, in turn, teach you time management skills.
  • Because you won’t necessarily be attending classes, you can then juggle your commitments to suit you. You could take on a new hobby, get part-time employment or even volunteer some of your time to a charity. This will definitely give your CV a boost – but be careful not to over-exert yourself.
  • The advanced study options offered by many institutions have virtually made studying from anywhere a reality. All you need is internet connection. 
  • Having more flexibility is a definite plus. You could start a business whilst you study, look after your family or have more of a presence at home.
  • You save money on accommodation, food, and transport. And, when in need of some quiet time you could consider joining a local library.  Many municipal libraries now offer free wifi. If this isn’t the case in your area, you will need to buy your own data. However, studying long distance or via online channels still works out much cheaper than not.
  • Distance Learning will afford you with a wonderful opportunity to apply for internship programmes within your field of study. This additional work experience will certainly set you apart from other students and job applicants who are fresh out of tertiary with no experience, If you are determined and work smart, you may be guaranteed a fulltime job once you complete your studies or be offered a bursary by your employer to further your studies. 

Remember one thing – you will need to be disciplined, but you can Go the Distance.

For more information on Connected Distance learning, contact IQ Academy on 086 111 5054 or visit: www.iqacademy.ac.za


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