Think about a BossLady you admire… What is it about their personal brand that attracts you to them? Have they carved that brand or public image out for themselves? The internet has changed everything. From how we apply for jobs, to how we present ourselves, and how others see us.

This is clearly demonstrated when we search our own names online. Have you noticed how the search results blend both your social and professional worlds in one click?! Now imagine that information landing on the desk of a potential employer or recruitment specialist… If information about you is out on the internet already – then managing and controlling your personal brand to ensure that the message sent is the one you want people to receive, is crucial.

We have selected the Personal Branding course from The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business to be placed in the BossLady Boost to Best. It is one of the 11 online courses that we have identified to give every woman a boost to her next level of Best!

The Red&Yellow PERSONAL BRANDING COURSE is worth R2,900 if you were to buy it on your own. BUT ... as a BossLady, you will receive this valuable PERSONAL BRANDING course as part of your Boost to Best, available for just R395 in October only.

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This online course will help you as a BossLady to decipher what your personal brand is. And shape it to convey your value to potential employers, partners or investors – to achieve your career goals!

Brand Communications Manager at the School, Chevaun Herholdt tells us how the Personal Branding course achieves this:

The term personal branding has become increasingly popular, so much so that some people think it is just another worn-out corporate buzzword. What it signifies, though, is effectively and authentically marketing your distinguishing features to the relevant people to achieve your career goals.

In today’s hyper-connected, Internet-dependent world, you’ll learn how to:

  • Market yourself to the people you want to reach.
  • Portray your brand effectively and appropriately in relevant times and places.
  • Successfully monitor your personal brand, and influence the image people have of you.
  • Sell your ideas convincingly.

The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business boasts years of experience in delivering online courses that really make a difference.

  1. This particular course is done via self-study, which means that BossLadies get to study at their own pace and in their own time, with less frequent contact with course coordinators and knowledge experts. They will still have access to these experts via e-mail at any time if they need help with course content.
  2. The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business have forums on the site that will enable BossLadies to interact with any fellow students doing the course at the same time, to learn from the wisdom of past students.
  3. The course also caters for multiple learning styles. This includes text, visuals, and mini-quizzes to get students thinking and to test their knowledge. Short quizzes at the end of each module will check how well they’ve absorbed basic concepts.
  4. As the ladies progress through the course, they have the chance to answer self-analysis questions. These help the student to get to know herself better – and to express her ideal personal brand to the world.
  5. In addition to BossLady’s closed Boost to Best Facebook group which supports women on their Boost to Best journey, we’ve created this nifty directory page which explains step-by-step HOW BossLadies will navigate this 4-week course, right up until they receive a digital certificate upon completion.


“I was able to set-up a professional personal brand on social media. My CV and resume was outdated. The course enabled me to set-up a professional and relevant CV, resume and cover letter. This course has also given me a clear understanding of how important my personal brand is, in addition to a company's brand identity. Learning about ‘the elevator pitch’ has broadened my thinking and opened a new world for me. I now make valuable contributions in meetings”.

Are you geared up to start your course, BossLady? It’s as simple as that! Sign up for your Boost to Best today, and start carving a consistent personal brand message that represents you in full colour and in full, positive blast! If you’d like to take up more courses with the Red and Yellow School, contact them here. Plus, they offer at least 10% of students *free tuition/ bursaries, where applicable.

P.S. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Flying Solo? Save 30% on your Boost to Best. Are you and a friend planning to support each other in your year of Boosts? Choose the Study Buddy option, and get TWO Boosts for just R395! Sign up today! 


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