Meet Timea Kulcsar, the ‘Flow Alchemist’. Over the last 4 years, she has helped more than 250 people to shift into ‘flow’ and to create a life they love! Here, she tells just what ‘the Flow’ is, how YOU can get into it – to make your dreams a reality + her most outstanding success story yet!


Marnita Oppermann says; 
I joined The Flow Experience in July 2015.  The moment I signed up is the moment I took my first step towards living a purposeful life. The course got me clear on my dreams and goals and put me on the path to actually working towards them. Over the last 2 years, I have managed to transform so many areas of my life. 
The first step on my journey was to get my body healthy again – I managed to lose over 40kg of weight!  Next, I realised that alcohol was sabotaging my progress and not adding any value to my life – I am proud to say that I’ve been sober for 2 years!  But it didn’t just stop there. I was also having sleepless nights over my finances and had to take drastic measures to turn this around.  Scarcity and fear took over and my Flow coach and mentor, Timea once again guided me through this transformational time. As I started shifting my mindset in each area of my life that wasn’t working in my favour, it would highlight another area that was sabotaging my efforts. By using the tools learned, I have transformed my relationship with money. I am committed to getting out of debt and creating financial freedom for myself.   Lastly, I took a huge leap and said goodbye to my career as an accountant. I’m now doing what I’m passionate about and following what I believe is my true purpose: helping others transform their lives through Money Coaching.  Though I attended other programmes that specifically addressed some of these transformation areas, the Flow Experience has been the consistent thread throughout this journey that has helped me make these major shifts and keep me on track. The Flow tools help me to create ease in my life, to not get sucked into any drama, to live mindfully, shift out of fear and to live with an abundance mindset.   I have become a ‘master manifester’. I constantly amaze the people in my life with how easily I manifest the things I need and want. I am in complete trust that the universe is conspiring to support me in every aspect of my life and it proves this to me over and over again.  To walk in such faith is an incredible space to be in. Living this Flow lifestyle does not mean that life is perfect and a breeze all the time. Challenges still arise, life situations throw curve balls, and old patterns pop up.  The Flow Experience serves as a constant reminder of the amazing tools I’ve learnt when life happens and my old ways beckon.  I can’t imagine living any other way! I’m part of the Flow community, which is absolutely incredible. It’s my tribe. Even though some of us have never met in person, we share our life’s ups and downs with each other in a judgement-free space – (in our Flow community private group on Facebook). And time and time again I’ve seen (not only with myself) how quickly things shift and work itself out after reaching out to the tribe. Committing to living the life of your dreams is the most challenging and rewarding thing you will ever do.  But you do not need to do it on your own.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who cheer you on wholeheartedly and support you when you stumble makes all the difference!


BL: Wow! An inspiring testimonial from Marnita – how did you get into Consciousness Coaching, Timea?

TK: I spent the first 15 years of my career working in marketing and advertising but while the work was fun and exciting, it was never very meaningful or fulfilling. I really wanted to make a difference in the world. To be of service. Continuous learning and growth are some of the highest values I live my life by, so I have been on a spiritual journey for more than 20 years now. Over that period I have done many workshops and courses for my own spiritual growth. They include the Art of Living, Mike Dooley’s Playing the Matrix, The Fairy Godmother’s Dream Mapping workshop and many more.

In 2011, I started working with The Fairy Godmother; Donna McCallum. Helping people to live their dream lives was rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful. I knew I’d found my purpose.  In 2013 that purpose became crystal clear and The Flow Experience was born.


BL: What do you mean by ‘flow’ or the ‘Flow Experience’?

TK: The 7 Day Flow Experience is a wonderful introduction to getting into the flow. Each day, for 7 consecutive days, you receive an email lesson that shifts you from constantly feeling stressed and struggling to feeling relaxed and deeply at ease.

For the BossLadies who absolutely love this experience, I offer The Flow Experience, a year-long online personal transformation journey to help you shift out of the old habits of stressing, struggling and hustling to survive and into the new paradigm of tapping into the ease, joy and magic of life itself.

I guide my community to live in flow by coaching them, by creating inspiring content and by sharing valuable tools that support their journey. I am also the necessary reminder of ease and flow when they’re getting sucked back into stress and struggle. Living in Flow is about living consciously, being present, doing what you love from moment to moment.

Timea Kulcsar


BL: Who should do The Flow Experience?

TK: This programme is for people who aren’t looking for a quick fix. Far too often, I hear women complaining about how life is so stressful, busy and challenging and that they are unhappy as a result. The intention of The Flow Experience is to disconnect you from that stress and struggle and to move you into ease and joy. Over the year you’ll ‘un-learn’ the cultural conditioning and drop the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and to reconnect to what’s important. That is:

  • your deepest dreams and desires
  • the things you love to do
  • the magic and supportive nature of life (that, as a child, you knew existed)
  • being in ease, presence and appreciation
  • Living your life for you (and not based on other people’s expectations)

The Flow Experience is a conscious leap into the next level of our human and spiritual expansion. It supports you in creating a life where you are giving your gifts to the world in a fun, joyful and abundant way.

There are LOTS of transformational courses out there that help you change certain things in your life. But once the course is finished, you’re on your own again. That’s the major difference with this program. For a whole year (or longer for those who choose to stay) we do the program together. I am always there encouraging, inspiring, supporting, coaching and holding your hand, helping you to live a life you truly adore!


BL: That’s really reassuring. What do you teach/cover in the course?

TK: On the Flow Experience, I teach that the ‘Flow’ state is achieved when you have a vision for the future AND you’re at ease in the present. This I believe is the recipe for creating a life you love. The vision for the future is what pulls you forward and keeps you stretching yourself. Being at ease in the now/ present means you’re ok with where you’re at while you reach for that vision.

The principles I teach aren’t necessarily new as I share a lot of other people’s tools and teachings. I believe all wisdom already exists. What is new is the way in which I present and interpret the information. Even after 4 years of running the program, the content, inspiration and tools keep coming.

BL: What’s next for you and The Flow Experience?

TK: I am working on a collaboration to adapt the Flow teachings into a short course for the network marketing audience. This will teach them the tools that they can then apply in their unique businesses in order to thrive.

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